Dare to Disrupt?

We can help you bring in the next tech revolution!

We are IntuitiveVC

We channelize your startup journey

Once we’ve incorporated you, we have a hand in every process and operation of your startup journey. We create a conducive environment that supports you to drives your idea towards its execution. And we help you grow global

We incubate ideas

You have an ingenious idea? We can impart the necessary momentum to it. Beyond that, we use our experience, technology expertise, market connectivity, and most importantly, that instinct of innovation to create a world out of your idea.

We mentor founders

Besides the money, mentorship plays a key role in keeping the young companies running smoothly. Our think tank of industry veterans and CXOs guide new entrepreneurs with sustainable strategies that provide the competitive edge.

We fund founders

We practice intelligent funding. By focusing on the tech space, we identify exceptional innovators who are passionate about their product or solution. Our Seed and Series-B funding kickstarts their idea and supports them till they generate cash flow. Beyond funding, we provide advice and strategy for the startup to sustain.

We Transform Startups

Expect full speed, zero resistance propulsion to the digital optimization

Strategic Assessment & Roadmap Generation

Our first step is to analyse your bussiness model & idea potential. We then build a sustainable roadmap that will make the idea ‘work’.

Network Development & Community Recognition

Our seasoned market veterans can get your business going before you say startup! Find the market, talk to the right customer, and crack the right deals, all with conviction and our Network Development & Community Recognition.

Product Design, Branding & Marketing

Product to Pitch! In today’s age of hyper innovation, entrepreneurs often face the challenge of marketing and sales. We can solve it for you. Right from product designing to branding to audience mapping to market strategy, we help your idea gain momentum.

What We Do

Technology Convergence

We nurture, mentor, fund, strategize and accelerate exceptional entrepreneurs towards their goals. Our core areas of investment include AI-ML, IoT, Cloud, Blockchain and Cyber Security domain.

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Investment Strategy

We invest in Series A, A+, B and select Series C level startups in India, US  and Europe, which can scale to a global footprint supporting enterprise segment .

  • India, US and Europe are the leading sources of path-breaking technology startups in the world
  • Venture capital industry in India is evolving and US market is a good source of use-case technology suppliers
  • Great possibilities for finding business & merger/acquisition synergies between businesses in India, US and Europe

Key Differentiators

Unique investment opportunity

A unique Global B2B Enterprise technology fund exploring opportunities to invest in startups based out of India, US and Europe; driven by AI/ML & Deep Learning in Cloud, Cybersecurity, IoT and FinTech.

Globally experienced team and network

Experienced and complementary team of industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors with an established & credible track record of multiple prior exits, extensive industry and angel/entrepreneur networks, having spent decades in the global technology & venture capital space.

Investment focus bridging the gap

Invest in new age technologies in select verticals in India, US and Europe, exploring synergies between countries with complementary businesses & skill sets, for potential exit/business expansion possibilities.

Disciplined investment strategy

A customer centric approach to identify adoption trends in enterprises, business developments opportunities with Fortune 1000 companies and the related gaps in the innovation ecosystem.

Real Value Addition

Advisory, Mentorship, Go-To-Market and Grow-To-Market strategy enabling startups with market penetration and growth with enterprise customers globally. Support startups with all business aspects from legal, finance, follow-on fund raise and an exit strategy.

Better Risk Management

Regionally diversified allocations with Global insights into tech enabled businesses with synergies between India, US and Europe among businesses. Ring-fenced portfolio construction with keeping right mix of probability distribution.

Our Portfolio Companies